What is CoasterQueue?
CoasterQueue is crowd-sourcing website. Its goal is to track wait times for rides at popular parks. Initially, the ride data will be collected via voluntary user submissions. As users submit times an average is calculated over a 15 minute rolling window. Without user input this website is useless so please take the time to submit your experienced wait times.
Why build it?
I understand there are other applications/websites which aim to solve the exact same problem. My goal was to provide an "application" which did not require the addition of another app on your mobile. The main CoasterQueue interface will always be a mobile website requiring NO DOWNLOADS! In addition, this was a personal project of mine that I simply wanted to build. It also gave me the opportunity to learn a new programming language (Golang)
Why do I need to log in?
This application needs some way to prevent malicious users from submitting fake data. The only way to do this is to require a login and track submissions. Malicious user detection will constantly be changing as new misuses are discovered. Currently the main protection will be a time limited submission process. This simply limits a user to a single submission every 5 minutes. It's important to note that CoasterQueue does not store any private information and will not provide your email address to any other party/service
What's Next?
Initially I'm starting with just a simple website that will also contain a mobile friendly interface. The first step will be to expand our park database to other parks in the USA. Another small goal is to add more authentication options such as Facebook. The next step will be to analyze the collected data and make a predictive model for each ride. This way, even without user input an estimated wait time can be made. In addition a new interface will be created which will allow users to view historic ride data to better plan a day in the park.
Who made it?
Hello! I'm Josh Fuerst, the creator/developer of CoasterQueue. I like to call myself an avid theme park visitor but sadly I have not visited many parks outside of Ohio. I've always wanted to create an application to help fellow visitors better plan their days at the park, after all knowledge is power! I'm currently located in Cincinnati Ohio and love visiting Kings Island and Cedar Point.
Whats your privacy policy?

You can find our Privacy Policy here.

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